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Optimizing and Equalizing Research Publications From Global Authors By Matching Them To Expert Reviewers In Their Field 



Imagine a world where the ability to publish scientific papers was equitable regardless of the origin of the data and authors. Equalix is uniquely placed to offer global access to the best english-speaking editors and reviewers to review, edit, and optimize your research for submission to medical and scientific journals.

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At Equalix, we know what it takes to publish your research and what it means for you. Our experts have edited, published and helped publish papers with journals from Springer, Elsevier, Lippincott, Wolters Kluwer and other publishing groups. Our editors-in-chief have travelled the world to teach and educate around the science of medical writing and publication.

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Professor YC Yoon MD.

South Korea

Associate Professor of Orthopedics

Getting my work published before Equalix existed was difficult. Now I have put several manuscripts in their hands with great result



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